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Welcome to the website of NERTUS AGRO

NERTUS AGRO is the official partner of the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad (Serbia) and has the official right for and Corn and Sunflower hybrids production on the parent forms of Serbian selection.

Seed hybrids are cultivated under strict spatial isolation on the farms of central, east and south Ukraine.The company adheres to all, without exception, the technological requirements needed for the production of high quality seeds. Chemical crop protection is provided by the original brand pesticides NERTUS®.

Further seed finalization, pre-sowing treatment and packing is carried out at our seed production facility in Vasishchevo, Kharkivs’ka oblast, equipped with new technological equipment PETKUS (Germany).

In the season of 2014/2015 NERTUS AGRO company offers 13 sunflower hybrids and 5 maize hybrids.