Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad was founded in 1938 under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia as an independent experimental research station , later became one of Europe's largest centers for the study, development and introduction of new crop varieties. The specialists of the institute created 956 varieties and hybrids of oilseeds, cereals, vegetable, industrial, medicinal plants , of which 318 are grown in 26 countries , from Argentina to China.

Today, the Institute - a public institution subordinated to the Ministry of Science and Environment of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. It implements numerous research projects funded by the state.

The Institute is a leader in the field of plant breeding and other agricultural research, both in this country and abroad. This is evidenced by the numerous visits by business people from around the world and a series of confessions obtained by the Institute for the history of its development.

  Research institute in the field of breeding aimed at achieving a high yield of plants, as well as their resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses. It is thanks to the quality of corn and sunflower hybrids Serbian selection valued Ukrainian agricultural producers.

Nertus Agro is an official partner of the institute and has an official right to produce hybrid seeds of sunflower, corn on the parent forms of Serbian selection.